Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 2 @ MTC

So this weekend, my companion and I got an investigator named Lee. But really, he's played by one of our teachers, so it's kind of weird. I also got a whopping 2 packages from Crystal IN THE SAME DAY!! Seriously, getting stuff in the mail is sooooo nice since I can't talk to anyone on a daily basis.  Here at the MTC, all the days seem to mesh together since we don't have any contact to the outside world. So I'm really excited to get out in to the field.

On Monday, my companion and I got a new investigator named Brandon. We didn't teach him anything on Monday because we only had 15 minutes and I'm not that good of a missionary... yet... to teach a lesson in 15 minutes!

Tuesday we did a service project where I had to clean the counter tops and sinks in the bathrooms, which wasn't that bad.  After that, I had to clean the stairs, which was awful! It felt like people purposely spilled their drinks.

Wednesday, we taught Brandon again, but this time we had a bit longer.  It felt like he was very receptive, though, which made it tough and a bit awkward.  However earlier in the day, we had a great lesson with Lee, so overall, Wednesday was a humbling experience.  I was upset later because I wasn't very active in the lessons, so I decided to actually "feast upon the words of Christ" by diving in to the book, "Jesus, the Christ".  So that made me feel better.

On Thursday, we didn't teach Brandon because he cancelled, so my companion wrote him a nice note, but I signed it, so I guess you could say that I wrote it, too. haha

I got two letters from Crystal this week, which both made me cry again...
Seriously.  Who knew a girl could make me cry like this? It's like she's "The Worst" for me or something.  :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 12

My mission started out kind of poorly. We were running late and needed to leave for the airport when my dad noticed that the zipper on my luggage was broken. One person started yelling, which led to everyone yelling & upset. Well my flight left at 5:25 am, and so I understood that I had to be at the airport at 4:25 am.  I was able to drive my truck with my dad and my girlfriend,  Crystal (yes, I have a girlfriend,  so to everyone who thought I couldn't get one HA HA HA! Jokes on you!).
Anyway, I was flying out of Lewiston,  so I sped most of the drive down. I would have driven faster, but I had my dad with me, so...
I got to the airport and after I checked in, for some odd reason, my sister, Emery was upset and made me mad, so I stormed off, saying, "I'm out of here. See you in 2." And I stormed off. (Honestly, I couldn't storm off without saying goodbye to my mom) So me storming off made my mom cry, which almost made me cry!
I said goodbye and took some pictures and that was the last time I saw my mom.
I sat down in the customs chair and pulled out a letter from Crystal.  And that's when I started to tear up. I didn't even open the thing up and I was crying!  I also got a bloody nose at the same time, so it quite literally hit me in the face that I was leaving.
The flight to Salt Lake went by faster than I expected. Emery was on the flight with me, too, and she helped me mark my scriptures and even color coordinate them with the Preach My Gospel lessons.
Once we got to Salt Lake, and after we got my baggage, I sat down and opened Crystal's letter. This when I really started to sweat through my eyes! I was barely a paragraph into the thing and I was crying.  Girlfriends... they change you! After a little while, I called my mom for the last time and started crying then, too! Right before my Aunt Gretchen picked me up, Emery helped me take my favorite profile picture of all time. And that was the last time I saw Emery.
When my Aunt Gretchen picked me up, she forgot where she parked, so we got off the shuttle a stop too early. When you have suitcases and bags, walking isn't much fun. Once we got to the car, I really noticed how much I'm related to her (I've only met her twice before). Us Adona's,  when we don't know exactly where we are going, we drive with this wispy voice, where we are actually talking to ourselves, but the passenger thinks we are talking to them.
Once we got out of the airport parking lot, she took the wrong exit, and the only way to get back to our original exit was to go back to the airport parking lot. Ugh.
I got to the MTC and it was like the employees knew we were coming or something!  lol Everything was perfectly organized. It was actually pretty impressive.  There is 11 of us total in my district and it feels like we got put in to the smallest room in the building.  I've only fallen asleep a couple of times in class! My companion is Elder L from North Carolina, but he actually grew up in Bountiful, Utah until he was 14 so lucky him.
Lastly, one of the first things I learned here at the MTC is that "it won't be easy. It will be worth it." so that will be the title for my blog.
I miss everyone back home. I miss Moscow, too ( never thought I'd say that!)
Goodbye until next time!