Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My First 12 Weeks as a Missionary

The first 12 weeks of being a missionary has been stressful, exciting, difficult, rewarding, disappointing, and worth it. I have thought about calling it quits, but I always think about why am I out here. I'm out here because I love this gospel and the blessings it brings. I want to help family's be together forever. I want to help other people see that being here on earth is just the beginning. Our Heavenly Father has set up a plan for us to have eternal life. The first part of that plan is having faith in Him and His son Jesus Christ. As we grow our faith, we want to repent of our sins or change our ways to become better people. When we repent we become worthy enough to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. The difference between the LDS church and everybody else? The priesthood. The priesthood is the authority of God, the permission to act in His name. That is part of my purpose as a missionary. Help people be baptized. I was able to do that this past week. I was able to help a 10 year old girl be baptized on the same day I baptized, Febuary 14th. It was exciting to see it happen. I was grateful for the experience. These past weeks have been difficult. In my area, we have plenty of potential, its just a matter of actually meeting with them and having lessons with them. Thanks for all the support and all the prayers. See ya next week, fellas. 

Briar's baptism, 2-14-2003

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 3, 2015

This week went better than it did last week!

We had all of our investigators come to church, so my testimony on fasting and prayer grew a ton.  One of our investigators kinda has to be pushed to come to church, but once he did (consider this a blessing or not), there was this girl that he is interested in at school, and she is in the same ward as he is.  #flirt2convert
Some other investigators have great support systems from their parents and families.
Right now, all of our investigators are on date for the weekend of the 14th to be baptized.  So we need to do some serious finding for other people ready to be baptized.  Its crazy how the mission can be... you can have almost 0 investigators at church one week and then 4 the next week!  haha

All I can do is thank Heavenly Father and have faith that He will continually do the same every week.  This week, my testimony on prayer grew a ton.  During the opening hymn during the morning ward, I excused myself and said a quick prayer and that prayer was instantly answered!  Now, I know that not all prayers are answered instantly... like I'm even surprised it happened that fast, but it did, so I'm not going to question it!  Just know that God is listening to you and knows what is best for you.

Peace till next week!