Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 6, 2015

So get this.  My trainer, who is supposed to be with me for 2 transfers (12 weeks), is getting transferred!  So I will have someone new to continue my training.  It feels weird, because I mentally prepared to be with someone for 12 weeks and now I get this surprise!  (by the way, I'm not big on surprises).  So this will be an interesting transfer.  This first transfer went by super fast but the only bad part was we weren't able to baptize more people.  Being out on a mission has strengthened my testimony on, well, everything, I guess!  Hopefully, we will be able to baptize more people this transfer because there aren't any holidays that we have to "battle" with.  We plan on baptizing one person this weekend, we just have to deal with a marriage license issue.  But I believe that everything will work out and he will be baptized.  We have some kids that should've been baptized a while back, but their dad (who grew up Catholic), is just worried that they are being converted to us instead of the Gospel.  The kids have met all the standards for baptism, so its just tough because their dad is worried.  His concerns come out of love, which I appreciate, because we were teaching some other kids and their parents weren't the best support.  That was tough on us and the kids.  Lastly, I'm glad Elder Durant trained me.  He helped me tremendously!  So thank you, Elder Durant!

Adona over and out


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